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Gaia FM provides mixtures of relaxing, uplifting, invigorating and thought provoking music.


Gaia FM now broadcasts RDS (Radio Data System) on our FM signal. RDS capable home and car tuners can now view the artist and title of the song that is playing. If you are updating your car or home stereo system, ask for an FM tuner with RDS.


Reception Problems?

Gaia FM can be received in most parts of Tauranga and Mt. Maunganui on 87.8Mhz or 107Mhz FM, however, being low power, an aerial of some kind will be required in most areas. A piece of wire roughly 2 metres in length connected to the 300ohm connection on your home stereo is often sufficient. 300ohm indoor ribbon antennas can usually be purchased from electronic supply stores. An alternative is to install a TV aerial splitter and connect the coax to the 75ohm connection on your stereo. Perfect reception may require a properly installed external FM antenna.

Programme Details
(New Zealand times)

500am - 700am Meditation music
700am - 900amMostly World music (rise & shine)
900am - 600pmRegular mix (all formats)
600pm - 1000pmRelaxing music
1000pm - MidnightMeditation music
Midnight - 500amGentle mix
Friday 5pm and
Sunday 10am
Slice of Jazz from Cardiff
Friday 7pm and
Sunday midday
Best Smooth Jazz from London


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